Professional Biography

Academic and Professional Affiliations

Ms. Novakovic is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She is a member of the National Association of Social Workers and the Intrapsychic Humanism Society.

She received her master’s degree in Clinical Social Work in 1995 from the School of Social Work at Loyola University of Chicago. Ms. Novakovic graduated with high academic honors, and while in graduate school, co-authored an award winning research paper on Clinical Social Work and Supervision. After completing her graduate studies and clinical internship, Ms. Novakovic devoted the next several years to raising her children. She resumed her professional career in 2004.

Clinical Training and Professional Development

As part of her training, Ms. Novakovic has worked with children, adolescents, adults, and couples in several out-patient mental health settings. She has helped clients address psychological issues related to depression, addiction, anxiety and fears, life transition and adjustment struggles, relationship problems, childhood developmental difficulties and delays, and parenting concerns.

In addition to her private practice, Ms. Novakovic is a staff member at Smart Love Family Services, an agency whose counseling services are based on the theoretical approach of Inner Humanism. Ms. Novakovic was a key participant in the development and implementation of the agency’s parent seminars, child development courses, and parent coaching and consultation programs.

Advanced Training in Inner Humanism

Ms. Novakovic is dedicated to providing the best care possible to her clients and has great enthusiasm for the new and optimistic insights of Inner Humanism. After careful consideration and evaluation, and after many years of studying Inner Humanism, Ms. Novakovic finds this theoretical approach to be immensely valuable in helping her clients understand themselves more fully and accurately, and in helping them lead happier and more fulfilled lives. In her commitment to providing the highest standard of care, Ms. Novakovic continues to pursue post-graduate training and consultation in Inner Humanism.

Presentations and Teaching

Ms. Novakovic has developed and presented seminars to parents about child rearing and the social, emotional and psychological development of children. She has also developed and presented to other practitioners and mental health providers on the theory of Inner Humanism and its application in their settings.

Ms. Novakovic is passionate about working to improve the lives of her clients. In her work as a psychotherapist, her goal is to help her clients recognize their self-worth and to build on their innate potential for happier and more constructive lives. Ms. Novakovic also has helped parents, caregivers, and other professionals accurately understand children’s developmental needs, provide more compassionate and effective care, and experience more fully the pleasure of caring for children.

Ms. Novakovic brings strong motivation, intellectual rigor and creativity to her work. She derives great pleasure in her clinical work as well as teaching, presenting, and writing about psychological issues and the theory of Inner Humanism. Because it provides the foundation for all areas of her work, Ms. Novakovic is committed to the on-going pursuit of a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of human psychology, and how best to nurture human development.