Guiding Philosophy

My guiding philosophy is based on an optimistic view of human nature and our inner potential for positive change.

Within a safe and nurturing environment, we can work together to address the emotional and behavioral patterns that are keeping you stuck and unhappy. I am trained in more than one approach, but specialize in Inner Humanism, a contemporary and compassionate theory of treatment. It offers a uniquely optimistic view of human potential and a realistic framework for addressing the tenacity of inner unhappiness. It’s been a valuable tool in helping my clients improve their lives and their sense of inner well-being.
As your therapist, it would be my pleasure to help you strengthen your inner potential for a more satisfying life. Over time, our work together can help you feel happier as you acquire a newfound resilience, strength, and optimism in response to life’s inevitable ups and downs.

As your therapist, you can expect me to:

  • Respect your strength and courage in pursuing psychotherapy
  • Utilize a flexible, individualized approach
  • Understand it may initially feel difficult to share personal information
  • Be open to all your feelings, without judgement
  • Articulate a treatment plan to address your concerns
  • Offer input to help you discover your strengths
  • Provide insight to help you respond constructively to current problems
  • Maintain strict ethical standards such as confidentiality
  • Enjoy getting to know you and helping you